Main objective

To prepare integrally professionals who contribute to business management and process innovation; As well as design, implementation and development of strategic business systems, optimizing resources in a global environment with ethics and social responsibility.

Educational Objectives

  • Graduates collaborate in the enterprise with innovation of products and processes.
  • Graduates use quantitative and qualitative methods, using new technologies for decision making.
  • Graduates manage the creation of new enterprises, entrepreneurial projects or start their own businesses.
  • Graduates work in optimizing resources in the enterprise.

Graduate Attributes

  • Identify, state and solve engineering problems applying the basic science and engineering principles.
  • Apply, analyze and synthesize processes of engineering design to lead to projects to fulfill the specific requirements.
  • Develop and lead adequate experimentation; Analyze and interpret data and use engineering judgment to draw firm conclusions.
  • Communicate effectively with different audiences.
  • Acknowledge their ethical and professional responsibilities in relevant situations for the engineering and make informed judgments that should consider the impact on the engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental and social contexts.
  • Recognize the continued need for additional knowledge and have the ability to identify, evaluate, integrate and apply such knowledge adequately.
  • Work effectively in teams that set goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, and analyze risks and uncertainties.

Candidate´s Profile

  • The candidate should have critical mathematical reasoning.
  • The candidate should have creation and innovation capacities.
  • The candidate should have great interest for human growth within the organizations.
  • The candidate should have teamwork skills.
  • The candidate should have entrepreneurship
  • The candidate should have problem solving skills
  • The candidate should show interest for macroeconomic trends and finance.
  • The candidate should show interest for business development

Graduate Profile

The graduates in Business Management Engineering will have the specific competencies to:
  • Develop and apply management skills and engineering for design, creation, management, development, strengthening and innovation of the organizations, with a systematic and sustainable orientation to the effective decision making.
  • Design and innovate administrative structures and processes, based on the organizations´ necessities to compete efficiently in the global markets.
  • Efficiently manage the organization’s resources with shared vision, in order to deliver high-quality goods and services.
  • Apply quantitative and qualitative methods for the analysis and interpretation of data and system´s modeling, in the organization processes for the continuous improvement, according to world quality standards./li>
  • Design, evaluate and start new businesses and entrepreneurial projects, in order to promote sustainable development and social responsibility in a competitive market.
  • Design and implement marketing strategies based on the information gathered from primary and secondary sources of the product consumer or user according to the market opportunities and threats.
  • Establish programs to the strengthening of security and hygiene in the organizations.
  • Manage quality integral systems, exercising an effective leadership and ethical commitment, applying basic engineering tools.
  • Interpret and apply national legal regulations that have influence in the creation and development of the organizations.
  • Integrate, lead and develop work teams for continuous improvement and integral growth in the organizations.
  • Analyze and interpret financial data to detect opportunities for improvement and investment worldwide that have influence in the profitability of business.
  • Use new information technologies in the organization to optimize the communication process and to make efficient the decision making.
  • Promote the development of human capital to accomplish the organization objectives within an ethical framework and multicultural context.
  • Apply research methods to develop and innovate systems, process and products in different aspects of the organization.
  • Manage the supply chain of the organizations with a The process oriented approach.
  • Analyze and interpret the global economy to facilitate the decision process in the organization.